Want To Exchange Old Notes With The New One

Finally customers have relief that all the banks have started working today. Yes there is so much problem increase among the people across the India. when the Modiji announced the ban of Rs.500 and 1000 notes.

Yesterday mostly people doesn’t have money to buy basic stuff. Yes, many people find it too difficult to arrange 50 or 100 rs notes.

But today, banks have solved this problem and there are long lines of customers, who are visiting the banks since early morning. However, to avoid confusion, RBI has come up with a new easy-to-use form, which customers have to fill up for exchanging their currency.

The Limit of exchange currency is only upto 4000 per day. The Person will have to provide his ID proof and fill up the following slip have a look at this…

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Slip that You Have To Fill

Bank Slip

Anjali Chib Duggal, a Financial Services Secretary  stated “A format (has been provided) which enables banks to capture information about high-denomination notes which are being provided and also what is the requirement which will suffice for purposes of identification,”

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