How To Use WhatsApp In PC/Laptop-Operate WhatsApp


One of the most popular app of messaging i.e WhatsApp, launched in January 2010; 6 years ago.

Everyone  is  using WhatsApp application on a regular basis on their smart phones.  But now a days , people who work on  laptop or PC want  to operate whatsApp on their computers or laptops with their works too.

So ,today I am going to tell you How To Use WhatsApp In PC/Laptops. There are some steps which are different according to your device.

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For Android Users

Step 1: Search for on Google01

First of all go to the google and search their


Step 2: Wait for the Process


Here you have to wait for the complete process till a QR code appear.


Step 3: Scan the QR code with your Smart phone


Here you have to scan this QR code with you smart android phone. After the completion of these 3 steps you have to pick your smart phone and you have to follow these steps in your cell phone

Open WhatsApp fron your cell phone:





Open The Menu And Go To WhatsApp Web


You have to go to the menu baar of WhatsApp you will appear this above screen.


Your back camera will open instantly, scan the QR code appear on your screen of PC/Laptop.

It will take few seconds to connect, when it connects your device will vibrate once.

Then you can access you WhatsApp on your PC/Laptop easily as well as same like you access in you smart phone.

For Other Than Android Users

Those users who are using smart phones other than Android have to follow these step after the 3 basics steps mentioned above.



Open WhatsApp


WhatsApp web



Windows Phone

Open WhatsApp


WhatsApp web




Open WhatsApp


Menu key

WhatsApp web



BlackBerry 10

Open WhatsApp

Swipe down from top of screen

WhatsApp web


 Nokia S60

Open WhatsApp


WhatsApp web⁠⁠⁠⁠


These are the simple way To Use WhatsApp on PC/Laptop.

Hope so you will apply these methods as it is mentioned above. If you have any query regarding this method you can comment below, we will solve it as soon as we can.





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