Top 5 Ways To Look Dashing, Cool And Handsome

Handsome Boys!! Smart boys!! Look Handsome!! Look Cool!! Dashing Boys!!How can I look Dashing and Handsome? This is one of the most common question for boys. Now there are many things in trend but they don’t know about that. They wear the clothes in an old style. This is not  good sign for the boys of 21st century. You have to be stylish and unique so that you Look Dashing And Cool everywhere.Here we have some secrete ways To Look Dashing And Cool. But it will be not a secrete anymore now.

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We have Top and Hot 5 ways for you which will definitely work and you look unique and Hot too.

1# Dress Unique And Stylish

Dashing And Cool

Dashing And Cool

Actually the problem is that we don’t know what is stylish and which type of dress should wear so that  you look Unique.

First of all you have to do experiment so that you look unique. Don’t feel shy because you are trend setter and you are not copying from anywhere. You have to sincere about fashion, So that you can easily make choice for good dressing sense.

Don’t be too unique but dressing uniquely.  If you wanna go for parties be formal and gentleman and if you are going for hangouts or movie be casual.



2# Hair Style


One of the most highlighted thing or part of our dressing so take time for your hair style. Hair style should be changed according to time. Same hair style will demoralize you so its essential for you when you go to salon cut your hair differently every time.



3# Be Hygienic

Dashing And OOl03

The basic thing for a Dashing Boy is he should be hygienic, means clean and clear. Because it’s the thing which will notice easily and if you are not clean and clear your impression on girls will be very bad. So you have to be clean, wash your hands properly, take bath on a regular basis, clean your teeth everyday and do all the basic things properly so that you look clean and clear.


4# Attitude

Dashing And Cool

Dashing And Cool

One of the most important thing for boys because your attitude decide that what will your first impression or impact on others. Don’t be in a too much attitude, be frank with all and try to be look friendly with new people. This small things will definitely help you.



5# Be real


 5 Be real

Don’t copy the style of any film star and any famous celebrity because you can’t compare yourself with them. Your status should be your not copied. So try to be genuine so girls can easily trust on you. Don’t be act over smart because girls are more smarter then you.

Just believe yourself you really don’t know how easily you can impress any girl just your smile so be real.

Hope so you enjoyed our these tips. For any query comment below we are here for you.

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