Reliance JIO Calling Issue Problem! See How To Fix It?

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Whenever your trying make to other networks through Reliance Jio you might be uncertain hat call will be connect or not. You are not only a single person who is facing this major issue. Across the India People who are using JIO are facing the same issue.

Simultaneously what Muskesh Ambani says during the commercial launch of Reliance jio that. Getting a reliance jio sim card these days is far from being easy. But even if you want to managed to get yourself one with some luck,using the sim card to its full potential is another headache.

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Most of the people didn’t know the exact problem and get started to blame reliance Jio networks. In some areas they might have weak signals strength it’s causes little to the reliance Jio users. but at the same time the biggest problem that reliance jio have that is interconnection port issue with the other networks like Airtel and Vodafone.

How To Fix Reliance JIO Calling Issue!

In order to be able to make calls using jio, your smartphone should support Volte. And if you have a phone that only supports LTE won’t help to making phone calls. Because LTE is just Data use only, and it’s not enough to make calls by using only mobile data.

How To Make Phone Calls in LTE Support Smartphones!

Al  you have to do is download JIO4gVoice app from Play store.This app will not only allow you to make calls and also give you a feature of making HD video calls.



Other Possible Reason May Include

  • Mobile Data Off : Always keep your mobile data on while making calls using reliance jio sim.
  • There must be an another issue that you might not do Tele-verification of your Relaince Jio Mobile Number. First you have to do this! by calling on 1977.


So that’s All! You just have to follow steps that i mentioned above. And if you still facing some another issue so can freely ask your issue by leaving your comment below. Cheers!

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