How To Increase The RAM With Pen Drive

Here we are providing a trick to Increase your RAM By these few steps because no one wants to wait for anything even a slow working computer system or a laptop. So we are introducing a trick by which you can increase speed of your system.

As we know that we can boost the speed of our computer and laptop only by the help of RAM.

RAM Stands For Random Access Memory. Ram Helps Our Computer To Speed Up The Word or Multitask in real Quick Time or Even in Playing Games Like FIFA 17, Call of Duty for Play These Kind of Games you Need a High in Performance Computer, Not All of Us Can Afford It But, We Can Make Our Computer Work Faster By Increasing Its Ram with Pen drive.

Now again we have a new Trick that will Convert Your Pen Drive To RAM.

And these are as follows:

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Step 1:Connect your Pen drive With Your PC or Laptop


This is the initial stage of this trick so you have to connect your Pen Drive into PC or Laptop properly.

You have to wait till the complete installation of Pen Drive.

When it properly installed go to the next step.

Step 2: Format/Erase all the data from Pen Drive

After the completion of step first you have to open your pen drive and Format all Your Data from It, I will suggest you to Copy That Data before Formatting it in your PC or Laptop.

After this your pen drive should be blank or empty.

Step 3: Open the properties of Pen Drive


Right Click on that option & a dialog Box will pop up on your screen than select properties on that, that will allow your computer to open another dialog Box.

Step 4: Then click on Reddy boost Tab




In the above image you can clearly see that there is the option of Reddy Boost, you have to click on that tab. And select the option of use this device.

Step 5: Click on apply and then OK


Here you have two options you have to follow that respectively.

Click on “Apply”

  then    “ ok”

You will see a dialog box popping up on your Computer or Laptop’s Screen and you will see a processing bar on that dialog box DO NOT CLICK ON “CANCEL” let it complete its process & in few seconds u will see your pen drive has been converted into Ram.

You can not format or erase your pen drive directly, so to erase the data you have to follow these steps:

a) open the properties

b)go to the reddy boot option

c) choose don’t use this device

your pen drive will be erase or blank again.

Now your problem of Less Ram is short out through this small trick. Now you don’t need to spend money to purchase the expensive RAM from market. You can just use this Jugad and proud to be a Jugadu Indian.


For more tricks stay connected with us we will came back with some other new and unique tricks, just book mark our site.

If you have any query regarding this trick you can comment below we will fixed it surely.


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  1. Shohag Malik says:

    Hi bro,
    i am do this proper with following your article 🙂 I’ve see something good performance on my laptop but how much it works in gaming ?

  1. 08/11/2016

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