Cute Conversations Between Two Lovers – True Love

Hey readers first of all I want to inform you that this is a real Life Incident of a Couple and they share this experience with us. So we decided to share with you because this conversation may help you to love your partner very deeply. Don’t react very fast and never believe on third person.

Here the full conversation Between those two love Birds..

Full Conversation – Lovers


Girl : Hi

Boy : Hi
Girl : What happened?
Boy : Nothing.
Girl : Say what happened, you look so sad.
Boy : I’ll ask you something and you have to tell me the truth. Will you?
Girl : Okay, ask.
Boy : Who is Saurabh Loafer? He liked all your profile pictures and even your status updates on Facebook. Who is the dumb idiot?
Girl : Please don’t say anything about him.
Boy: Is he your ex-boyfriend? Are you still in love with him?
Girl : Why would I love him? You are my only love.
Boy : Then is he your brother?
Girl : No no, not like that.
Boy : Then who the hell is he?
Girl : We should talk about something else.
Boy : Are you hiding something from me? You have such a close relationship with him. Is he so important to you?
Girl : If I disclose my secret you will definitely scold me.
Boy : I am getting irritated now, don’t test my patience.
Girl : Please Yaar.
Boy : If you don’t tell me I will break up our relationship right now.
Girl : I will tell you, but promise that you won’t scold me, okay?
Boy : Okay.
Girl : That is my fake profile. If no one likes my dp I like my picture through that login ID and post comments like cute, nice, hot, etc!
Boy – (Speechless)

And Finally They are together and spending their life awesomely..


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