Free 4G/3G Internet On Airtel Sim-Unlimited Free Access Network

Today i am going to show that how can you Access Free Internet on Airtel network. By these few steps you can access Unlimited Internet on your smart cell phone.

There are some conditions which should be essential to access the Free Unlimited 4G/3G Internet On Airtel which are a> Your balance/main balance should be zero.

b> Your sim should be inserted in first slot

After these two basic conditions you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Psiphone Handler from Google

First of all you have to download the Psiphon Handler from Google. This is a 100% working app and it’s a very small app too. This app is easily available on Google so that you can easily find it and download it. If you are unable to find it on google don’t worry you can DOWNLOAD it from here.

Step 2: Make sure the app is installed properly


After installation the app the app will look like this in you menu bar. Make sure that you installed the same app which is mentioned above.

Step 3: Open the app


After the installation, open the app and make sure that the setting will be following :

Proxy Type is Real Host

Custom Header is X-Online-Host

Proxy Server is

These all three which is mentioned above should be as it is.

Once you select the Proxy type you will able to go to the next step.

Step 4:Fill the details


When you scroll down your screen you will appear 2 another blank boxes and you have to fill those as follow:

Real Proxy Type is Default

Real Proxy port is 80

At last when you filled all the details click on the button Save.

When you clicked on the save button the app will open.

Step 5: App is ready to Connect


Here the app is ready to Connect, you can see on image clearly, app is waiting for signals.

It details filled  by you is correct.

Step 6: Allow your Data/Internet



You have to click on the Data Allowed or open internet on Airtel sim/network because this is applicable only for the Airtel users. These two step should be followed respectively.

Step 7:  Select Tunnel Whole Device (requires root or Android 4.0+)


This is the most important thing which you have to select. When you select this mode your device will connect with the best network, which will provide you a high speed internet.

Step 8: Vpn to SOCKS running will appear


This is your final step, if you will appear this it means your Free Net  on Airtel is running. You can see a sign of key on top of your screen,this is another sign of Unlimited Internet On Airtel


Hope you will enjoy Free Unlimited  Internet On Airtel Network. This only for the user of Airtel we’ll back with another awesome tricks.

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Special thanks to AmitRawat


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