How To Find Lost Or Stolen Android Phone – Mobile Theft

Want to Find Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone? Don’t Worry you are at a right place. Find your Lost Android, iOS, Windows Phone Or Stolen Phone here, If you Lost your smart Android or if it is stolen by anyone don’t worry now. You can easily Trace it By this trick In few second. You have to just follow these steps.


How To Find Lost Or Stolen Android Phone

Step 1: Go To Google For Search

First step is you have to go to google for search. You can use any smartphone or computer/Laptop. This is the first step towards How To Find Lost Or Stolen Android Phone.


Step 2: Search For “Android Device Manager” And Open It

Once you Search for Android Device manager we’ll see many options but you have to click on the first result of Google. This is the second step towards How To Find Lost Or Stolen Android Phone.

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Step 3: Enter Your Google Account And Password

Be care full while you enter your E-mail and password. Don’t Share your password and personal details with anyone even your close friends too. When you enter your details it will your third step towards How To Find Lost Or Stolen Android Phone.

Note: Must Enter That Email and Password By which you are logged in Your Phone(Lost or Theft or Stolen Phone).


Step 4: Google Automatically Fetch Your Device

Once you fill all the details You will appear three Options in Front screen Viz.

  • Ring
  • Lock
  • Erase

And Google automatically Fetch  your Device’s name and details. In Background google map will appear which automatically track the place where your device. It provide some Details regarding android like Last place, Last Online etc.


Step 5: Select What Want To Do With Your Device

  • If You Click on Ring

If you Click on The ring Option Your Phone Will Ring Up-to 5 minutes. To stop that ring hold the power button for few seconds. If your want to find your Phone in your home you can use this option there too.


  • If You Click On Lock

This is the second option of the dialog box, if click on this option a screen will appear in which you can set a new password to protect your Phone. Once you set a new password your device will only unlock with the new password which you set. This is another way or feature which is very useful in case you lost your phone or theft case.


  • If you Click On Erase

Once you click on this option a confirmation dialog box will appear. Once You Click at “ERASE” all the data from your phone will Deleted. Now all the Pictures/Images, Videos, Documents,Files, Software and every detail will erase. Now you can take a deep breath because your personal information can’t share with anyone after this.

In Background your device’s location will appear. You can use this trick to Find Lost Or Stolen Android Phone.

Here your mobile device is. This is 100% beneficial when you lost your Mobile.

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