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Bike Lovers! Bikers! Top 10 most expensive bikes in world. Mostly people in the world want to know about the Top 10 Expensive Bikes. If you are searching for the the expensive bikes with images, price and all details so you are in a right place. Many people don’t like two wheeler due to low standard and status,but today we are showing them those bikes which will increase their standard and status.

We have list of top 10 Most Expensive Bikes In World.

Here the back countdown begins:

10# Nelman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter10

Price= $110,000

Designed by Confederate Motor Company

If you are a bike lover look at this sexy model. I bet you can’t refuse to buy this one. This is a single sitter bike for those who don’t want to share the ride with anyone else.

9# Conventy Eagle


Price = $120,000

Designed by Old Royal Eagle Company

Yehh! This is heavy bike for those who wants bulky bike. This is one of the unique and classic bike. So if you are searching for heavy bikes I think this will be perfect for you.

8# Harley Davidson Rocker



Adopted from well know German company called house of thunder..

In a normal sentence way we can say that the Harley Davidson name is enough to sure the quality. This bike is really one of the awesome bike. A double sitter bike for those who can’t hangout without their Honey,Friend or Girlfriend.

7# Hildebrand Wolfmuller



The price is high because of its uniqueness and one of the oldest bike in the world.

Easily the theory of “Old is Gold” applied in this case. That’s why this slim bike is too expensive in market.

6# Hub Less Harley Davidson


Price= $155,000

The brand name is enough to describe the product. Harley Davidson is one of the market leader in this era. This is single sitter bike with a long handle. Company used A1 quality parts in this market so that they satisfied their each and every customer.

5# Ecosse FE TI XX



This bike is one of the heavy bike with two sitter and dual silencer. The basic purpose of two silencer is to reach the maximum speed in very less time. Every sports bike lover wants to buy this in a first glance.

4# The Legendary British Classic Black



This is bike with qualitative Stainless steel  and double sitter facility. The key feature of this bike is its design which is very simple and classic.

3# Gold Plated Custom Chopper





Chopper is US based company established in mid 1960. Single sitter bike with a Royal touch, perfect bike to show your royality.

2# Ultra Rare Porcupine



This the trendy bike in the market,because the lover of sports bike is more than the classic one. There are many colors available in this model.



1# 1 Million Harley Davidson

Artist Jack Armstrong's "Cosmic Starship" Harley Davidson is unveiled on October 21, 2010 in Marina Del Rey, California. Priced at USD one million, this is the world's first and only million dollar Harley. Armstrong was a protege of Andy Warhol and his paintings retail for 300K to 2M USD. AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS


price=$1 million

Here the World’s most expensive bike. This is the Harley Davidson’s 1 MILLION. You can see the picture,no need to explain the quality of this bike. As a Bike Lover Everyone want to purchase this. <3 <3

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