Big Boss 10 : Om Swami 15 Shocking Statement During An Interview

Self Determined godman Om Swami has been making the headlines ever since he was thrown out of Big Boss 10.

Swami Om Exclusive Interview With News Nation…..

These Are Some Images From Swami Om Interview With News Nation..

Om has been blabering about the show and made several shocking revelation about the contestants and even about the host Salman Khan.

True to his nature Om Swami made several unbelievable statements during his appearance on the show “Baba Bawali”.

Here’s What Om Swami Said…

# PM Modi himself talked to me on phone before the Lok Sabha election while I was in Goa

# I played a major role in Narendra Modi’s elevation as Prime Minister

# It was god who ordered me to perform ‘Om Leela’ at Bigg Boss house

# I carried Bani and Priyanka Jagga’s urine to bathroom during a task in Bigg Boss House

# I slapped Salman Khan on December 30

# It was not Om Swami, it was Omji who was acting in Bigg Boss

# This is Om-Leela, Sunny Leone should have been called for a kind of ‘nagin dance’ I performed in Bigg Boss

# Bigg Boss is scripted

# God had asked me to do fake acting in Bigg Boss

# I will give answer to Bigg Boss in court

# Everybody is speaking against me

# Because of Bigg Boss, I have 40 crore followers including youth

# They said they will kill me if I don’t act in Bigg Boss House

# I was asked to act in Bigg Boss house, was given a script

# I didn’t touch Lopa Mudra inappropriately

Baba Om Swami Exclusive Interview on News Nation…

Om Swami Interview Part 1 

Om Swami Interview Part 2

Om Swami Interview Part 3

Om Swami Interview Part 4 


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