Apple iPhone 8-Features,Full Specification,Price,Release Date

iPhone 8 Features! Full Specification! Price! Release Date! One of the Market leader in Smart phones Apple is going to release the new iPhone 8 in market soon. The company focused on the all features of the Smartphone. Apple company targets on the quality of the product and that is why they are one of the market leader of 21st century.

I phone is most in demand for its brand quality and standard. Most iPhone users are satisfied with the features of iPhone.

It is expected that Apple iPhone 8 will launch with the new features according to the demand of market.

Here the Full Specification of iPhone  8

. Battery Power (iPhone8:- 2700 mAh, iPhone8+:-3300mAh)


According to the demand of smart phone users that they need a phone with a healthy battery backup Apple extended the battery and providing  2700 mAh battery which is the most as compare to its latest model iPhone 7.

. Camera


The main focus of company was on the camera of the new iPhone 8 that is why they provide Optical Image Stabilization, Auto Focus, Live Photo on this Smartphone.

. Primary Camera(14 MP)

The back Camera or Primary Camera will be 14 MP according to the trend of photography. Company is famous for its camera quality so they don’t want to compromise in its features.

. Secondary(FRONT) Camera(4 MP)

Front Or secondary camera is also upgraded and it will be 4 MP. The craziness of selfie lovers forced company to provide a good quality camera in iPhone 8.

. Features= Finger+Eye scanner, Retina Display


The main feature of the latest iPhone 8 is Finger+Eye Scanner. It means the owner can unlock it by its finger or retina.

. Memory= (16/32/64/128/256) GB


As usual the company is providing different memory according to the usage of users.

. Price= $1200, Rs. 75000-80000, 1070 Euro


It is expected that the price will be Around $1200 which is Rs. 75000-80000 in Indian Currency.

. processor= A10

processor is A10 Which is latest by company.

. Colour= Silver/space Grey/Gold/Rose Gold

There are different colous provided by the company according to its best look.

. Operating System= ios 11 And upgradable to 11.3.2

Main thing of a Smartphone is OS and it is latest and also upgradable.

.Release Date = Quarter 4 2017

Release date of iPhone 8 Expected to be 4th quarter of 2017.

. Screen Display= 6.2″ – 6.5″


The cell phone will be 6″to 6.5″ which is a good lenght cell phone. It will easily adjust in a pocket.

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Here the Full specification in a single list iPhone 8

Battery Power= iPhone 8: 2700 mAh, 8+:3300mAh .

Camera= Optical Image Stabilization, Auto Focus, Live Photo .

Primary Camera= 14 MP .

Secondary(FRONT) Camera= 4 MP .

Features= Finger+Eye scanner, Retina Display .

Memory= (16/32/64/128/256) GB .

Price= $1200, Rs. 75000-80000, 1070 Euro .

processor= A10 .

Colour= Silver/space Grey/Gold/Rose Gold .

Operating System= ios 11 And upgradable to 11.3.2 .

Screen Display= 6.2″ – 6.5″

Release Date = Quarter 4 2017

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