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We are glad to meet you  J J <3

Thanks for showing your interest to know about us.

Here many of you don’t know the meaning of “JUGADU INDIAN” first of all let me clear that “JUGADU” means a person who done the things uniquely or we can say “talented” and Indian means a person who belongs to “India”.



We are two college friends viz. PRADEEP BARTWAL & SURAJ KASHYAP

We are normal guys and want to do something unique in our life. We are not good in studies, that’s why mostly people criticize us in every stage of life. Even many of them say you are losers you can’t do anything in your life.

That’s why we created “Jugadu Indian”  so that we can share our unique ideas and information to those who are like us.

Many times our close friends also say you are wasting your time and spoiling your life too. But we don’t care about people and their thoughts too, because we are motivated now and the reason is that we have few friends who appreciate our work and believe in us. This is enough for us.

In a simple sentence we want to conclude that:

We are hard workers and “WANT TO PROVE OURSELF”



We want to provide all the knowledge and information through “JUGADU INDIAN”. Our prime motive is to short out the problems of each and every people. And we are working on it.

If you have some ideas and knowledge and you want to share with us “JUGADU INDIAN” welcomes you.

And respect your each and every idea.

Thank you.

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