5 YouTube Tricks That’s Make Your Experience More Excited.

Youtube Tricks! Undoubtedly! YouTube is the third most popular website in the world, after google and Facebook. Millions of videos likes happens on Facebook and subscription too, with more than 800 million unique visitors in every month.  YouTube is currently available in 43 countries and is available in 60 languages.

Below is the 5 YouTube tricks that makes your experience more exciting while watching videos on YouTube.

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#1 Play Videos in Slow Motion – YouTube Tricks

Youtube Tricks

Youtube Tricks

You can make a YouTube video play in slow motion? All you need to do is press and hold the space bar button and the video will start to play at much slower speed.

#2 Watch Age Restricted Videos Without Logging In –

YouTube Tricks

Youtube Tricks

Youtube Tricks

If you came across to a age restricted videos, so no need to logging in to watch. Still you can watch it without logging in.

All you have to do is remove “watch?”, and replace the “v=” with “v/”. Press enter and watch the video.

#3 Make Your YouTube Colorful- YouTube Tricks


Youtube Tricks

Youtube Tricks

If you want to change your theme colors on YouTube so all you need to do just type “doge meme” in search bar and your YouTube will automatically turn into colorful theme.

#4 Use the Keyboard Shortcuts- YouTube Tricks

Youtube Tricks

Youtube Tricks

If you are feeling to lazy reach out to your mouse? Don’t worry you can also use your keyboard to control your YouTube videos.

K = Play/Pause

J = Rewind the video for 10 seconds

L = Fast forward the video for 10 seconds.

M = Mute the Video.

#5 Operate YouTube Only Through Keyboard – YouTube Tricks

Don’t want to use your mouse and touch pad for control YouTube. so just type “/leanback” after the “www.youtube.com”

in the link bar and your YouTube will automatically converted into All Keyboard Access.

Youtube Tricks

Youtube Tricks

So that’s All for the day! Hope you enjoy this tricks. Don’t forget to share this on your social  media walls. Cheers!

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