10 Ways To Attract A Girl- Impress Friend

Now a days everyone want to Impress girls but failed due to some reasons but don’t worry now if you are going to Impress any girl or want to Attract her towards you ,you have to must read these top 10 ways to Attract her. These are few steps which will definitely helpful to Attract and Impress her.

10 Ways TO Attract A Girl- Impress Friend

Be a Gentleman


Anyone can act heroic from time to time but gentleman is something you have to be all the time.It is respecting a woman’s space and equality.It shows that you are a attentive and a well-mannered person. So this should be your first step to Attract A Girl and most probably she will Impress.

Compliment Her


When you meet with the girl for the first time , make sure that you compliment her. You can say something  like, “You look beautiful in that dress” or, “Your hair looks really pretty.” Whatever you say to her, make sure that you
compliment her in a direct way and look in her eyes and then say it.

Socialise with her friends

10 Ways To Attract Girl- Impress friend

10 Ways To Attract Girl- Impress friend

This allows a woman to measure a guy’s potential to  fit into her social network -as a partner. Girls  are attracted to social and charming men, the  guy their friends and families will love. If you Impress them and you will  impress her. The more you make a woman feel special the more she will talk about you with her friends.

Ask  questions to get to know her  better


It is important to  know a girl to impress her, so make sure that you  ask questions that tell about  her personality.  You  should know  more about her likes and dislikes, so you can have a good conversation with her .

Maintain eye contact

Young couple gazing at each other

Keep seeing her and be patient. To know someone  takes  a long time . But  don’t get impatient. keep trying  to know her more . look in her eyes and then continue your conversationan  show her why you are  worthy of her love.

Try to understand her


Try to know her likes and dislikes . You need to  understand her nature  and   behave properly with her so that she feels comfortable with you to talk about her life and don’t feel shy to telling her secrets.

First impression is the last impression


The first impression-the way you are dressed ,the way you look ,and the way you behave shows your personality .Dress properly and show some care and respect to her ,these small gestures  put the lasting impression on a girl.stay well groomed and clean ,dirty don,t attract them.

Ignore your calls ,messages etc.


If you regularly answer calls ,messages (especially from other girls ) when  you are out together with her is a big no. When you’re talking to a woman you should switch off your phone or keep it on silent ,this shows respect   and attention towards her.

Make her laugh, as much as you can


While having a conversation with a girl try to comfort her by making her laugh and feel happy n enjoying.This shows your sense of humour .Try it,so that she is happy with you and falls in love with you

Don’t talk about other girls or your ex


Talking about other girls or your ex -girlfriend  will make her uneasy . Also disrespecting  about other girls or your ex will  make her feel bad for you so be careful  and talk nicely with her.

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